Environmental Careers

Over the years EJN has developed a number of publications containing information on career pathways, courses in leaflet and poster format that you may find useful. Finally to help you access the networks and information you will need in finding and developing your environmental career, we list a number of networks and websites that you can access.

Education Courses

Guide to Environmental Careers in Australia

EJN and RMIT have produced the new Guide to Environmental Careers in Australia 2010. This updates and builds on the 2004 Guide to Environmental Careers in Australia. EJN also worked with Graduate Careers Australia to update the Careers in the Environment booklet. These resources provide helpful information about environmental careers in Australia. Download them free from our publications page.

Environmental Careers Sessions

Environmental Careers Sessions are one hour sessions based on presenting your CV well. These are run by our recruitment and career consultants. They consist of:

  • A review of your CV
  • A phone session to help you present your skills and experience in the best possible light. Your CV is the document that determines whether an employer calls you for interview, so it is a very important document. 
  • In addition to this our Job Search Framework Sheet is sent to you free after your one hour session. This document gives invaluable advice on how to structure an effective job search.
Service Normal Price
Full Time Student / unemployed: $90
Part Time Student: $80
Professional / Employed: $150
Job Search Framework Sheet: FREE AS PART OF CV REVIEW COST